Pairings & Information

Below are the pairings and tee times for Last Woman Standing


Due to the predicted above-normal temperature, tee times will begin at 6:00 a.m. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your tee time.


Flight A will be handicaps of 19 and below and Flight B will be handicaps of 20 and above.


Format:        36-hole, one-day eclectic


Play the first 18 holes and record your score.  You do not have to play a hole on the second round if you cannot better your score.  If you decide not to play the second round or do not finish the second round, your score from the first 18 holes will stand.  Select the tees you wish to play from.


Payouts:  $45/$30/$20/$10 gross/net for both flights


Completed scorecards are to be dropped off in a box by Robin Asher’s front door,

her address is: 61002 Desert Rose Drive (across the street from the Santa Rosa Clubhouse).   Results will be published Tuesday evening and prize money will be distributed on Wednesday.


If you have any questions, please contact Sue Sweet – or






6:00 a.m.      Asher (27 green tees), Sweet (25), Cush (17)


6:05 a.m.      Ridenour (21), Fleisler (18), Pearson (28)


6:10 a.m.      Tjalma (15), Mercatante (30), Rutherford (22)


6:15 a.m.      Jamison (27), Schuette (23), Martin (19 green tees)


6:20 a.m.      Kaffka (20), Smooke (16), Henry (16)


6:25 a.m.      Richards (17), Warman (17), Sipe (9)


6:30 a.m.      Holm (16), Cyr (20), Sharps (20), Heronemus (18)