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For photos of our winners see the photo page shown under the specific tournaments including Low Net and Birdies.  What a great season and we really are ALL winners!! 

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Rules Question May 16, 2022


Q #23.  I hit my ball in a bushy area that is not marked as a penalty area.  I can see it and identify it, but cannot hit it.  What are my options?

A.  Rule 19.2.  You have 3 options, all with a one shot penalty.

1.  Take lateral relief, 2 club lengths no closer to the hole.

2.  Take back-on-the-line relief keeping the spoy where the ball was found between you and the hole.  There is no limit to how far you go back.

3.  Take stroke and distance by going back to the spot where you hit the ball into the bush and re-hit the shot.


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There is no club play on Monday May 30, 2022.  Starting on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, and going forward, there will be limited tee times on Tuesdays (approximately at 7:00am).  You will need to email Helen Richards at by Friday P.M. to request to play.  She will confirm that she received your email.  Sign up early as tee times are limited.  She will email the pairings on Saturday morning.  Thank you for your patience as we try to navigate the pro shop's ever-changing policies.










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