Trilogy La Quinta Women's Golf Club

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Be sure to submit your dues for 2023.  You can use the following link to pay by credit card directly through SCGA.  If you prefer you can send your check for $110 payable to TLQWGC to Sandy Jamison at 60988 Fire Barrel Dr.


TLQWGC Renewal


Tuesday December 6, 2022 Golf


Terra Lago North Course


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Founder's and Past President's Day


December 13th - Same Day as the Holiday Party


Golf at Big Rock - Partner Event


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Holiday Party and General Meeting


Celebrate the holiday with your golfing buddies!!


December 13, 2022


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Rules - Member's Q&A


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New Rules - November 17, 2022


Q #25.  When may I clean my golf ball during a round of golf?


A. - Rule 14.1c.  A ball may be lifted and cleaned from anywhere on the green or from anywhere else on the course except when lifted:

1.  To see if the ball is cut or cracked.

2.  To identify the ball.

3.  Because another player asks you to move your ball as it interferes with play.

4. To see if it lies in a condition where relief is allowed.


Under all these circumstances you must handle the ball carefully and replace it in the same spot where it was lifted.  If you clean your ball when not allowed it is a one stroke penalty.


You are allowed without penalty to clean your ball when taking free relief or a penalty drop.



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Important Notes - Updated November 17th


Starting November 17th, all of your scorecards for golf ON DAYS OTHER THAN TUESDAY PLAY DAY, should be dropped off at Tina Fleisler's house at 81613 Rustic Canyon Dr. There is a box on the bench inside the front patio.


Membership Notes


For more information on membership visit the Membership page here or contact:  Joy Ridenour, Membership Chair


Upcoming Event in April 2023


Kids in Conflict Foundation is holding a charity golf tournament on April 8, 2023.  See here for further details.


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