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Rats and Birds - April 2nd and 3rd


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March 27, 2023 Results and Payouts


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Club Championship


Congratulations to Andrea Gilroy, our 2023 Club Champion and Denise Tjalma our Senior Club Champion


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Rules - Member's Q&A


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New Rules - March 6,  2023


Q #28.  I hit my ball into a water hazard marked with red stakes.  What are my options?


A. -Rule 17.1d 1.  Stroke and distance - go back to the spot where you hit the ball and re-hit the shot. 2. Back on the line of relief - keep the point that the ball crossed into the hazard between you and the hole. 3 - Lateral drop - from the point where the ball crossed the hazard line, you get 2-club distance relief no closer to the hole.  All options include a one shot penalty.  If the hazard is marked with a yellow stake you only have the first 2 options, not a lateral relief.


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Important Notes - January 12, 2023


Effective immediately, , all of your scorecards for golf ON DAYS OTHER THAN MONDAY PLAY DAY, should be dropped off at Tina Fleisler's house at 81613 Rustic Canyon Dr. There is a box on the bench inside the front patio.


Membership Notes


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