Club History


Trilogy La Quinta Women's Golf Club (TLQWGC) was formed in 2004.  After meeting with Trilogy Activities Director it was suggested a meet and greet where women could sign an interest sheet expressing the need for a Ladies Golf Club.


Armed with the interest sheet, the Activities Director and Sandi Knechtel met with the golf professional informing them of the recent formation of a charter for a ladies golf club through the Trilogy Maintenance Association.  We wanted to be assured of their support with both tee times and shotguns.


Being a charter club through the Trilogy Maintenance Association, we are able to utilize the banquet and meeting spaces in the Santa Rosa Club at no charge.


Once the By-Laws were drawn up, a Board and the required roster of 25 members was established, the WSGCA was officially joined. Currently we have on average 100 members.  As our membership increased we added positions to the board as well as invested in our own website.


To commemorate the founding of our club we annually have a Founders Day Tournament where a perpetual trophy/plaque commemorates the winners.


The original board consisted of the following individuals; many are still a part of our club and our community.


Sandi Knechtel -President

Barbara Giese - Vice President

Lois Mauer - Tournaments

Sandy Kassen - Treasurer

Pam Parsons - Handicap

Kay Brennwald - Social

Lois Emerton - Assistant Social

Jeanne Bors - Rules

Ginny Bradbury - Secretary

Sue Lethert - Membership

Karen Brown - Tee Time Coordinator


Our heartfelt thanks to these individuals who started the Trilogy La Quinta Women's Golf Club (TLQWGC).  They all wanted the same thing, a ladies golf club where we could have weekly play, tournaments, guest days, and a chance to build lasting friendships.


Below are some of the original documents;


Organizational Meeting to Form, Proposed Slate of Officers, Initial Membership Roster, and  2005 Budget

Organizational Meeting.jpg
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Organizational Meeting.jpg
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Proposed Slate Of Officers.jpg
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2005 Budget.jpg
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